Local Councils Are Critical To Cement Our Democracy

Well done, willing to take on the job to bring back local elections, Zuraida.

Speaking truth to power: Malaysians have been cheated of power at the critical point of our real interests, by the lack of local elections for over fifty years.

It is not sexy, local politics, but at the lowest level is where the plainest and most connectable engagement of power occurs.

It’s not all rosy, though.

Here is an admission that goes with it: Local elections will demand more participation from residents, bring the prevailing toxic resident association politics to the fore and force a prolonged process of adjustments.

It will inevitably reduce staff numbers at all the councils, and collapse the enforcement culture adopted by them. Say goodbye to the horses owned by Kuala Lumpur City Hall! Continue reading “Local Councils Are Critical To Cement Our Democracy”

Hogs, values, niceties and other distractions

Homer Simpson with "spider-pig" from Simpsons the movie, courtesy of Fox

This was first seen at The Malaysian Insider, July 2 2009. I’m putting up my old copies up. Some of the information, ideas and thoughts may be dated in retrospect.

DEC 15 — No two persons would agree on most things, with some of those contentions separated by a values abyss. It would seem on the face of it that resolutions for those fundamental contentions would be improbable, if not impossible.

Relationships are never easy, but they are necessary. Continue reading “Hogs, values, niceties and other distractions”

These councilors and their things

APRIL 20 — I work for the people of Timah Langat, which is one of the three zones in Dengkil. (Please refer to the bottom for a fuller description of Dengkil)

They are good people. They don’t expect too much from government. It’s the same across this country. We have come to a point where people just hope for government intervention to improve their lives, not demand it.

And they often look at me with that cynicism, and I can’t blame them. Continue reading “These councilors and their things”