Victory is about the people

The first thing Anand asks me after the niceties, on our way to the seafood restaurant was how much dedak have I taken.

He just picked me up at Kota Kinabalu airport.

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“It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to…”

DEC 28 — Things are often funny in Malaysia. You have to see the funny side, guffaw and let the moment pass. Stay in the moment and you will laugh yourself to madness.

Laughter is probably our only coping mechanism. Therefore, political texts/emails /YouTube videos are never in short supply. We laugh at the actors and then ourselves. TIM — This is Malaysia.

In nations with a free media-majority, political bloopers are analysed and parodied on national TV. Not in Malaysia, thus our short collective memory. Continue reading ““It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to…””

No country for hate men

May 8 — Umno — for a party that abuses the word “struggle” assiduously, as the principle, key and drive for the party, Umno doesn’t allow other people’s struggles that much space.

That is why they really, really don’t get it.

And that is why the party is heading to a tipping point, and the possibility of losing federal government growing real by the day. Continue reading “No country for hate men”

Oh Muhyiddin, it’s a booby-trap!

APRIL 9 — The genius which is not, Najib Razak has released his team — the Cabinet — today.

The premeditated manner of things, which are then masked as brave, considerate, inclusive and visionary, is just nauseating.

The number of ministers in the country was always excessive, and the levels of redundancies, overlaps and inefficiencies coupled with a shrinking kitty and spending spread was always going to force the choice upon the PM. The question is, did he do anything more than what was forced upon him? Continue reading “Oh Muhyiddin, it’s a booby-trap!”

2008 in review Pt 4: Umno, PKR and tentativeness

(Four parts : This 4th part looks the Umno nominations and the year end subterfuges)

The final quarter of 2008 was a bit of getting back to old basics, but with a twist.

When Umno elections are around the corner, all party members let go of all other preoccupations and focus on it. A position in the party, gives you political import. It is so vital to political viability that players would give up their place in parliament if it meant keeping your supreme council seat. Continue reading “2008 in review Pt 4: Umno, PKR and tentativeness”

To English or not

In fifty years, there is likely to be only one major medium of instruction in most schools around the world – English. Indigenous languages will persist as they are the identifying language of peoples, but full blown might of globalisation of information and commerce will render any denial of English as foolhardy.

But that is a probable future. What do you do with the systemic problems with our national education in the meantime? The present situation pertaining to the use of English for the teaching of technology subjects (science and maths) has failed its key customers – students.

The majority of Malaysian students were not ready for the use of English as the medium in 2003 when the policy started. Five years later we are probably more ready – which still does not mean we are ready enough. Continue reading “To English or not”