Become the change we want to see

May 14 — Is change possible in our lifetimes?

Pardon the rhetoric, but surely in all our lives, we ponder this question as a starting point. To help us decide if we want to try pushing that change along or just remain indifferent.

Obviously, change means different things to people, and the effects discernibly so. Continue reading “Become the change we want to see”

Cyberjaya, a city without soul?

Sitting at the edge of circuits of endless highways, Cyberjaya ambulates between being an overpriced land parcel to being the nucleus for the explosion of modern enterprise in technology, business and education for Malaysia.

MDeC drives the zone — drawing more investors, managing their expectations, service supplier, image developer etc — and as it stands, the area needs much propping up still.  Continue reading “Cyberjaya, a city without soul?”

Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights

APRIL 22 — There is that often used tale to get the “count your blessings” message across.
About the man who always complained about his lack of shoes until he met someone who was an amputee.
It is good to remember that sliding into self-pity is not going to change things, and it is true, so many people have it worse than you. Continue reading “Get up, stand up, stand up for your rights”

These councilors and their things

APRIL 20 — I work for the people of Timah Langat, which is one of the three zones in Dengkil. (Please refer to the bottom for a fuller description of Dengkil)

They are good people. They don’t expect too much from government. It’s the same across this country. We have come to a point where people just hope for government intervention to improve their lives, not demand it.

And they often look at me with that cynicism, and I can’t blame them. Continue reading “These councilors and their things”