We Must Persevere As Malaysians

Less we forget.

Happy New Year,

What should be Malaysia’s resolution be for 2019?

To find our confidence, if you ask me.

In the aftermath of the most critical election ever, changing irrevocably the political landscape, doubt has crept into our national mentality.

The leaders, the people they defeated, the civil service and all the people — whichever way the rakyat voted — have remained shocked and awed. Continue reading “We Must Persevere As Malaysians”

We beat South Korea!

South Korea 1 – Malaysia 2

It’s not a typo.

Ong Kim Swee’s boys have come good in Indonesia.

Let’s put the result in context, in football terms.

South Korea has been at every World Cup Finals since 1982, that’s ten on the trot and finished fourth in 2002. Malaysia has never been to one. Continue reading “We beat South Korea!”

Bad News Can Only Be Delayed

Putra Perdana, Putrajaya, where governing begins.

Some of us will be unhappy in the weeks and months to come.

GST ends this month, subsidies are enroute and the road toll burden is set to drop.

All new expenses for Malaysia. Without the GST revenue, there would be less in the coffers. Paying for subsidies would dip into the pot. So will paying off highway concessionaires.

Unless Malaysia has found several new oilfields, the money will have to come from somewhere. Unless we want to strain the national debt which is as explained by the present administration, alarming.

Standard Pakatan Harapan soundbites espouse the savings of cutting corruption and improved efficiency, which will make for the shortfall. Continue reading “Bad News Can Only Be Delayed”

Responding to queries: School, tuition and purgatory

NOV 23 – I’m happy that education is as ever a central issue for readers based on the feedback through comments received.

The column did not intend to redefine education. A general government attempt at educating the masses will always yield a far greater benefit than when there is none.

The focus was on getting people to consider the realities of public education and its relationship with the tuition industry, and wish for a reaction from stakeholders. Continue reading “Responding to queries: School, tuition and purgatory”

Little help for Gaza from Umno

The Gaza bombing by Israel is cruel and indiscriminate. The belligerence of the Hamas and its brigade of rocket launchers are facts too. With the exception of a small select group, everyone takes sides.

Yet the loss of life on the Palestinian side is phenomenally disproportionate compared to the Jewish state.

I’m not going to examine why Malaysia sides the Palestinian cause, but I am curious on how we set out to aid the situation – Umno politicians in particular. Are they helping or just trying to look like they are? Continue reading “Little help for Gaza from Umno”

Yoga is someone’s maya

I’ve written enough about why the yoga fatwas is wrong, and that I have a right to make that admonishment – the privilege of being part of a nation-state.

I want to delve into why a traditional organisation like the fatwa council wants to put wedges into our singular community and to place limitations on civil liberties – which are quite substantial. Man is only limited by his obligation to the state.

Let me clarify. Continue reading “Yoga is someone’s maya”