No country for hate men

May 8 — Umno — for a party that abuses the word “struggle” assiduously, as the principle, key and drive for the party, Umno doesn’t allow other people’s struggles that much space.

That is why they really, really don’t get it.

And that is why the party is heading to a tipping point, and the possibility of losing federal government growing real by the day. Continue reading “No country for hate men”


Muhyiddin’s Super guide to being an ISA assemblyman (here’s looking at you Mano)

It is a dead tiring Tuesday night, and the only thing, the only thing that stands between me and that bed of mine is this niggling thought about what deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin said in the New Straits Times today.

I mean the deputy prime minister if he was not just being cute, was hilarious, when he said ISA was not a good enough reason for politicians to not fulfil their political obligations as elected representatives — circa Kota Alam Shah assemblyman M Manoharan in Kamunting under government assisted extended retreated in the north.

So here we go, what we think would be Muhyiddin’s guide to serving while in ISA or The super duper Johor Umno philosophical guide to serving your ecstatic electorate during your stint in federal penitentiary. Continue reading “Muhyiddin’s Super guide to being an ISA assemblyman (here’s looking at you Mano)”

Umno and Tamil schools

Both my parents were educated in Tamil schools alone. Mom grew up in Tamil Nadu (Tamil-land, or land of the Tamils) so there was no choice in the matter, and dad with a mother and step-father as municipal workers was always going to get the little education he was privileged to in a Tamil school for labourers’ children.
Life made those choices for them. Continue reading “Umno and Tamil schools”

Oh Muhyiddin, it’s a booby-trap!

APRIL 9 — The genius which is not, Najib Razak has released his team — the Cabinet — today.

The premeditated manner of things, which are then masked as brave, considerate, inclusive and visionary, is just nauseating.

The number of ministers in the country was always excessive, and the levels of redundancies, overlaps and inefficiencies coupled with a shrinking kitty and spending spread was always going to force the choice upon the PM. The question is, did he do anything more than what was forced upon him? Continue reading “Oh Muhyiddin, it’s a booby-trap!”

Umno dangdut clubs

The Umno divisions are one – reform is on the cards, a party on a mission change starting with them forcing out their president,  Abdullah Badawi.

So off they march to their next little agenda, the division election. Great resolve in not looking back but to make Umno the true and natural leader of this multicultural nation. So where does the Machang division meet? In Sekolah Menengah Sains Machang, real progress. They used a public building to have a party event, and for free I bet! Continue reading “Umno dangdut clubs”

Cheque-book Najib

If you are not an Anwarista, you might want to be one now. In a cloak and dagger manoeuvre to retain power in his own party, Abdullah Badawi has given the Finance Ministry to Najib Razak.

Were you a romantic – you might think how so poetic, the son of the Umno man that set out to grab the finance portfolio from MCA forever, is finance minister now.

Tears rolling, grab the Kleenex.

Are you a worrier? Then worry on. Mr 10 percent now gets to write the national cheques. No more will he worry about getting around the prime minister or anyone before he goes shopping. Continue reading “Cheque-book Najib”

Is Malaysia being governed?

The in-thing presently in the circle of political readers is that there is too “much politics”.

Whilst I am tempted to say once you delete politics from our dialogue – then we technically stop being political readers – we become readers only.

The curiousity of the moment – which does exist – in not that there is too much politics, it is that too much political issues unresolved in a way palatable to the many. And you feel it when there is not much government going about. Continue reading “Is Malaysia being governed?”