King Mahathir and three sons

King Lear is playing in a parliamentary district near you.

In Shakespearean light the drama in Malaysia is so close in resemblance to the story of a King with children who give him different fortunes.

We are not talking about his biological children ( Mukhriz, Mirzan or Mokhzani) but his political children, those whose power places have been influenced by King Mahathir who is going euphemistically blind. Continue reading “King Mahathir and three sons”

Political Parcheesi

Now that we have the ‘great Ezam back to the UMNO tale’ building momentum, then skidding off the mountain only then to reconstruct some traction with the fear of everything derailing again, we are left with the same sense of suspense.

Suspense is synonymous with Malaysian political faces today. Ezam, all apologies attached, is the least important of the potential migrations to occur in the next few months. Let’s do some guesswork of who could be next. Continue reading “Political Parcheesi”