Umno President Death Race

Used to be a huge deal, the Umno general assembly, but this season RTM is busier showing the World Cup.

Everyday #MalaysiaBaru offers political writers enough fuel power a space rocket, and at this rate, all the way to Pluto.

Hitherto, in 72 years of existence, a total of *four men have ever challenged for the Umno presidency, otherwise incumbents or the anointed ones win without a contest.

The all so famous “Umno” no contest culture.

Today, ** seven men dare to defy the culture, and vie for the overall leadership. Continue reading “Umno President Death Race”


Will Rosmah Melt?

Rosmah, always in charge, always in power.

In the hours to come, Rosmah Mansor goes to meet the anti-corruption investigators at their offices.

It’s regarding her and SRC International.

A country waits in anticipation.

While Najib Razak, has been the real centre of the developments for the last three weeks, the hush is far more pronounced with what will come today.

Najib’s rap sheet, let’s review it. Continue reading “Will Rosmah Melt?”

The Effortless Freak From Sungai Besar

October 2017, outside the Selangor government, before crushing the crates of beer he brought. Let’s hope wherever he is there is also beer.

This week I did not need a list to pick from, because Jamal Yunos has become a meme god in Malaysia. It will be impossible to select another who has had excelled in infamy as much as the Sungai Besar man, this week.

Just for that, he is freak of the week, two weeks in a row. A fortnight of Jamal joy.

How can you not find a laugh in his misfortunes? Continue reading “The Effortless Freak From Sungai Besar”

Umno, Just Like My Grandma

Police removing bags, presumably with money and luxury goods in them from one of Najib’s residences.

“Our former president had sourced the funds prior to GE14 and was managing it,” said Zahid Hamidi, the acting president of Umno.

I sourced the quote from Umno’s own New Straits Times, so that we are absolutely sure, that Zahid is not misrepresented. Thor be shamed, if we ever misspeak of the fallen Umno leaders.

He was of course referring to the police seizure of RM130 million in cash and about RM200 million in gems from premises linked to Najib, the report went on to detail. Continue reading “Umno, Just Like My Grandma”

Hey Tony, We Love The Country Too

Screenshot of the video negarakru backing the prime minister and BN

Dear Tony,

It is not new for you to back the Barisan Nasional government, even back in 2008 you were stumping for them.

It is bloody murder if you are in corporate Malaysia and dare support anyone other than BN, so I can understand why corporate leaders like yourself stand behind the establishment. Continue reading “Hey Tony, We Love The Country Too”

Count the Najibs, election game

I’ll be there!

I was not sure what was playing in the car, so I clicked to Soundhound, the song identifier App.

Nothing more annoying than being unfamiliar with your own playlist. Embarrassing.

So far nothing out of the ordinary, other than my bruised ego. Until the homescreen of the APP flashed up. It had a BN ad playing. A full square of promises if I click on to the BN page.

I stood corrected on what is truly annoying.

But wait, it’s available advertising space, therefore Google and the Apps on its Playstore can put on anybody’s ads as long as they are paid. Fair, but it is unnerving, and did I say annoying? Continue reading “Count the Najibs, election game”

Curly’s advice for GST

It's always just one thing... Jack Palance as Curly in City Slickers 1991
It’s always just one thing… Jack Palance as Curly in City Slickers 1991

This column first appeared on the Malay Mail Online on May 21, 2015.

MAY 22 — Dilbear Singh’s conundrum is making him go nuts, or more like drawn away from the fried sort. The Air Force pensioner’s local — and favourite — kacang putih (nut snacks) vendor is charging his patrons Goods and Services Tax (GST). So, the five-ringgit fried peanuts come with the additional six per cent handwritten on the receipt, not a machine-issued one.

This has irked the serviceman who before helped planes land—and presumably take off — in the Signals Corp for 22 years.

Continue reading “Curly’s advice for GST”