PKR’s Cold War, Ensues

Anwar measures the divide inside the party.

The deputy president has to air his objections to the party president’s new leadership council appointments, publicly.

Things have not improved between Anwar Ibrahim and Azmin Ali.

That is to say, the president and deputy president were not able to agree, or the deputy was never consulted. Either way, that’s a mess inside PKR, because the top two don’t see eye to eye.

In the backdrop, more quagmire.

Nurul Izzah Anwar, the top elected vice-president, the technical number three, albeit being the president’s daughter quit the leadership cloaked in secrecy. Continue reading “PKR’s Cold War, Ensues”

Rahim Noor, Seriously, Not Pissing On Anwar?

The old puncher

Everyone had a chance to review Rahim Noor’s appointment as facilitator for the South Thailand peace process.

Everyone, which includes Anwar Ibrahim.

Has it passed anyone’s notice that Mahathir Mohamad knew exactly who he had appointed to get the job done north of Kedah? Continue reading “Rahim Noor, Seriously, Not Pissing On Anwar?”

Freak Of The Week

Jamal went too far when he got beer involved. The Umno division chief breaking beer bottles outside the Selangor Government Building, October 2017

At the pace things are moving in the country, citizens who turn off their smartphone for an hour, risk missing an earth-shattering moment in Malaysian history. It’s just gripping stuff.

So perhaps for these weeks to come, where so many are hyperventilating with each development, we’ll need a Freak of the Week.

Who shall we pick? Continue reading “Freak Of The Week”

Anwar in prison

This column first appeared in The Malay Mail Online, on February 12, 2015.It is reproduced here.

I was the media go to guy at PKR between 2012-2013, working out of Anwar Ibrahim’s office and managing both social media and traditional media for the party for the duration leading to the 13th General Election.


He enjoys the limelight, but shutting the lights out so viciously tarnishes this government .
He enjoys the limelight, but shutting the lights out so viciously tarnishes this government .

FEBRUARY 12 — “Life had already given him sufficient reasons for knowing that no defeat was the final one.” (Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez, from The General in His Labyrinth)

Have you seen Anwar Ibrahim walk into a room? It’s quite foreign in these parts — in Putrajaya certainly no less — to see a consummate public figure soak up the room and make it an occasion whether it is a large coalition meeting or just a small group of out of towners seeking his time.

It’s not aura exactly, it’s the immersion he has to his role. No one believes in Anwar Ibrahim more than Anwar Ibrahim.

It explains why all discussions about the Opposition leader assume a different feel than other politicians past and present. At the same time, his detractors will say verily that that is why he is always entangled in one surreal political subterfuge to the next. Continue reading “Anwar in prison”