The hell of KL driving, thanks for the fish PDRM

APRIL 15 — The key purpose of traffic laws is to enable the smoothest and safest road transportation of all people.

It begins with that, and it must most often stay with that.

Laws that forget the underlying goals of the body of laws they belong to, can quickly become impediments to the very thing intended. Continue reading “The hell of KL driving, thanks for the fish PDRM”

The placebo of gated communities

Yesterday my residential taman’s residents discussed about making our taman a gated community  – I did not took to the idea too well.

In order to have one, you need to get 85 percent of your residents to agree to it – which is good since it makes it less likely to occur.

Still, I am disappointed that the fear in us is making us give in to paying haphazard companies to rake in thousands from us monthly in exchange for couple of boys in motorbikes to do rounds. Continue reading “The placebo of gated communities”

F@#k the police

There are times, crude and crass language is most necessary. Like this time.

I spent a whole weekend and this morning being late. All so the police can show to me and millions of Klang Valley inhabitants who is boss.

(For those not in these part of the world, Malaysian police have initiated around the clock roadblock all over the capital city since Friday up to now. KL is a traffic infested nightmare for most parts of the day)

Yes yes, they got the guns, the jails and hand-cuffs – all paid for by us silly people – who like to see our tax-ringgit to inconvenience us and frustrate our weekend. There has never been a better example of people paying to suffer – a perverse masochism forced down on throat, hoping that we call turn around and thank Polis DiRaja Malaysia for being the paragon of public service. Continue reading “F@#k the police”