Umno, Just Like My Grandma

Police removing bags, presumably with money and luxury goods in them from one of Najib’s residences.

“Our former president had sourced the funds prior to GE14 and was managing it,” said Zahid Hamidi, the acting president of Umno.

I sourced the quote from Umno’s own New Straits Times, so that we are absolutely sure, that Zahid is not misrepresented. Thor be shamed, if we ever misspeak of the fallen Umno leaders.

He was of course referring to the police seizure of RM130 million in cash and about RM200 million in gems from premises linked to Najib, the report went on to detail. Continue reading “Umno, Just Like My Grandma”

The hell of KL driving, thanks for the fish PDRM

APRIL 15 — The key purpose of traffic laws is to enable the smoothest and safest road transportation of all people.

It begins with that, and it must most often stay with that.

Laws that forget the underlying goals of the body of laws they belong to, can quickly become impediments to the very thing intended. Continue reading “The hell of KL driving, thanks for the fish PDRM”

Democratic Arsenal

Uniformed personnel must follow orders.

Let’s study that statement, especially in lieu of the increasing discussions on the role of security forces – both police, military, and even to a lesser extent Rela.

The chain of command analysis. My mate was quite adamant that you cannot fault Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) teams for spraying chemical lace water jets on women and children participating in peaceful assemblies. Continue reading “Democratic Arsenal”

Getting safe homes I

All those who have never personally or know anyone, who’s been robbed, mugged or assaulted in the last three years in KL, please close this page now.

KL is not a safe place, anymore. The fact there is universal agreement in this matter, despite the low crime statistics issued by the police department tells us – that a) crime is not low, and b) the police are not the most reliable people when it comes to being honest about crime. Continue reading “Getting safe homes I”

F@#k the police

There are times, crude and crass language is most necessary. Like this time.

I spent a whole weekend and this morning being late. All so the police can show to me and millions of Klang Valley inhabitants who is boss.

(For those not in these part of the world, Malaysian police have initiated around the clock roadblock all over the capital city since Friday up to now. KL is a traffic infested nightmare for most parts of the day)

Yes yes, they got the guns, the jails and hand-cuffs – all paid for by us silly people – who like to see our tax-ringgit to inconvenience us and frustrate our weekend. There has never been a better example of people paying to suffer – a perverse masochism forced down on throat, hoping that we call turn around and thank Polis DiRaja Malaysia for being the paragon of public service. Continue reading “F@#k the police”