The First Temptation Of Pakatan At The Cameron Highlands By-Election

Tea up

Clichés are in rich vein at the Cameron Highlands’ by-election.

If someone missed the whole of 2018, woke up today in the middle of the tea-growing region, the person likely relapse back into a coma, or beg to be induced into one.

Minor senator reminds the Orang Asli to vote for Pakatan Harapan as an act of gratitude. Pakatan worker seen passing money to volunteers. Najib Razak trekking up to the resort town to lecture people about financial propriety in a by-election. The Umno secretary-general tells all that his party is under-funded for the poll. The communication minister assures the locals about their broadband connectivity conveniently in during the campaign when party colleague is contesting the seat. The minister is Gobind Singh.

Welcome to the first by-election in a traditional Umno-Barisan Nasional seat after the 2018 by-election. Pakatan is itchy to etch itself into the collective consciousness of Malaysians as a colossal winner by collecting the scalp of an-always BN seat. Continue reading “The First Temptation Of Pakatan At The Cameron Highlands By-Election”

Easy Question

Voters on polling day, they deserve love.

Look, are we a country?

There are so many questions being posed that it appears there is no prioritisation of them.

At times, it appears all questions have the same worth, and would that mean in extension, all answers are equal?

But they are not. Continue reading “Easy Question”

The Extent Of Power For Rulers

Battle of Lansdown Hill 5th July 1643, part of the English Civil War.

It is true, it is rife for robust debate.

Since independence, there has been an Agong. He is an appointment from the council of rulers, who’ve been around before then.

The brothers choose one among them to assume the position for five years, and rotate it.

As a constitutional monarchy, framed largely in the reflection of the British constitutional monarchy, our country has been handicapped by being a copy of the British structure, which is by large informal. Continue reading “The Extent Of Power For Rulers”