Mahathir Sebagai Menteri Pelajaran Melanggar Janji-janji Pilihan Raya Pakatan Harapan


18 MEI, 2018


Apabila Perdana Menteri Mahathir Mohamad mengumumkan semalam yang dia bakal menyandang jawatan Menteri Pelajaran beliau secara terus-terang memecah salah satu janji utama pilihan raya Pakatan Harapan, seperti mana di tertera dalam manifesto mereka.

Perdana Menteri tidak akan memegang jawatan menteri lain, terutamanya jawatan Menteri Kewangan.”

(Janji 12, Manifesto Pakatan Harapan. Mukasurat 48 Continue reading “Mahathir Sebagai Menteri Pelajaran Melanggar Janji-janji Pilihan Raya Pakatan Harapan”

Flimsy Umno

Zahid, the big boss for now.

At the end of decision day, early in the morning of May 10, while rakyat and pundits were scratching their head guessing the total number of seats Pakatan as a coalition had, one number was rarely mentioned, which is 54.

Which is the number of seats Umno won. The Pakatan and BN overall seat counts aside, they were the largest party in Parliament, on May 10. Continue reading “Flimsy Umno”

Soon after Mahathir becomes PM

A new day for Malaysia

What will happen after Mahathir Mohamad is sworn in as the first Pakatan Harapan prime minister?

I mean in the immediate period.

State government stalemates are resolved

Kedah and Perak are on paper in a stalemate. Pakatan is ahead in both, but BN plus PAS can seek to have unity governments, in Perak’s case they’d be over the 30 required. The difference being, BN the junior member in Kedah, and PAS assuming that role in Perak. Continue reading “Soon after Mahathir becomes PM”

Vote Buying Is Malaysian Culture

Always sunny in Dusun Tua.

Your vote is there to be bought.

That is the key message both coalitions have brought this election. It appears either Malaysian politics has not matured, or politicians believes Malaysians by large are not mature, or perhaps it’s a bit of both.

Either way, the lead up to this election, with the manifestos left aside, has been the focus on what can be given. Continue reading “Vote Buying Is Malaysian Culture”

Hey Tony, We Love The Country Too

Screenshot of the video negarakru backing the prime minister and BN

Dear Tony,

It is not new for you to back the Barisan Nasional government, even back in 2008 you were stumping for them.

It is bloody murder if you are in corporate Malaysia and dare support anyone other than BN, so I can understand why corporate leaders like yourself stand behind the establishment. Continue reading “Hey Tony, We Love The Country Too”

Crocodile Tears For Daim, Rais and Rafidah

Not so much fun when the shoe is on the other foot, eh, Rafidah?

Former ministers for finance, information and trade were sacked by their political party due to their overt support of an ex-prime minister, by the party president, who is the prime minister.

Sounds vindictive, big time. And it is, but is it cruel?

Major corporate personalities who’ve gained their wealth through their blind and absolute support for Umno were ejected from the party when they veered away from the basic approach of the party, to have blind and absolute support for Umno. By Umno, it means the president. Continue reading “Crocodile Tears For Daim, Rais and Rafidah”

The love hate BN media circus is in full flight

Only BN can believe they can threaten and charm the people at the same time, and the rakyat will take no umbrage from it.

Since May started, the attack ads have popped up, but so have the softer youth campaign for votes.

They apparently want the young to be hip and worldly, captivated by the BN-aligned NegaraKru channel, and then remain angry and wary about Pakatan Harapan as in with GK14.  Continue reading “The love hate BN media circus is in full flight”