“It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to…”

DEC 28 — Things are often funny in Malaysia. You have to see the funny side, guffaw and let the moment pass. Stay in the moment and you will laugh yourself to madness.

Laughter is probably our only coping mechanism. Therefore, political texts/emails /YouTube videos are never in short supply. We laugh at the actors and then ourselves. TIM — This is Malaysia.

In nations with a free media-majority, political bloopers are analysed and parodied on national TV. Not in Malaysia, thus our short collective memory. Continue reading ““It’s my party, and I’ll cry if I want to…””


Oh Rafidah!

The woman is infuriating and in constant denial about herself. In her 34 years in government service, everyone will struggle to find a time when she has been candid about her own shortcomings.

I remember sitting in a bank’s HQ, as they were hosting a forum and had the erroneous notion that Rafidah Aziz, minister of international trade and industry, former academic and one student of the Bukit Bintang Girls School would be nice to them. Continue reading “Oh Rafidah!”

Umno hates elections

There is a cultural oddity in Umno – well more of a logical oddity – they don’t like party elections.

Sixty-two years after formation they pride over the 6 faces only adorning the front page of Umno online . It is a badge of honour, a type of ” look at us, look at us we believe in longevity”. Even the Chinese Communist party changes party leadership more often.

Badawi nor Rafidah can decide when they leave, their members do. It is despicable having a succession plan by yourselves, Badawi telling us when he will pass the baton to Najib, and now Rafidah telling when she will leave as Wanita chief. What a bunch of bollocks.

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