Who will Hisham Hussein arrest first?

APRIL 16— After an eternity in the ministry of education, where he managed to promise people indefinitely that he would try to bring policies that will stop the muck education is in for decades — now he can start to play police and thief, as the home minister.

So Hishamuddin ‘Always endeavouring to look strong and manly by gripping effeminately phallic symbols like keris’ Hussein, is now the man sent to replace baldy.

It is too tempting to not guess who is on the printed list Hisham places under his pillow nightly, hoping it would give a sense of strength in his dreams. Continue reading “Who will Hisham Hussein arrest first?”

2008 in review Pt 3 – All about Anwar

(four parts: part 3 , talking about the months of july to september)

Any casual reader of Malaysian newspapers for the third quarter of 2008 would be comprehensively confused. There were developments but they had to be seen through the lenses of the situation preceding and the players involved.

Easy for avid soap opera viewers, not so for the rest of us, however a recurring theme during those heated months was Anwar Ibrahim. Continue reading “2008 in review Pt 3 – All about Anwar”

Rumour Nation

During nomination day in March, in quaint Bandar Tun Razak – where Selangor menteri besar Khalid Ibrahim was contesting against Tan Chai Ho – the gathering crowds were screaming at each other various epithets and insults about foreign ladies, anal inclinations, woeful submarines, mixed spouses and stuff you can’t get out of a trashy novel.

Are they true, were they ever true, will they be true?

Does it matter in Malaysia – that is probably the better question. Continue reading “Rumour Nation”

Guilty until proven innocent

…the new Malaysian mantra.

Apparently the police need to take you in, handcuff you, place you in a jail cell with inhumane conditions, ask you to sleep on a cement slab, disrupt your sleep, mock you and hope for some type of confession – if they think you might be a threat.

The concept of threat has been stretched to a point the word encapsulates even things like going out on a Sunday morning to pick your newspaper. Continue reading “Guilty until proven innocent”

Night Vigil For Raja Petra

In what is commonly a desolate spot on Wednesdays, the front gate drive way of the Sungai Buloh Prison, lights replaced that desolation. People came from far to show their solidarity for incarcerated blogger, Raja Petra.

The style and demeanour of Raja Petra is not necessarily the perfect cup of tea for many people, however having him persecuted for being a political commentator, does ask for any Malaysian who believes in democratic space to raise a collective fist together to ask the powers that be again and again until they provide an answer to our question, “Why?” Continue reading “Night Vigil For Raja Petra”