Will Rosmah Melt?

Rosmah, always in charge, always in power.

In the hours to come, Rosmah Mansor goes to meet the anti-corruption investigators at their offices.

It’s regarding her and SRC International.

A country waits in anticipation.

While Najib Razak, has been the real centre of the developments for the last three weeks, the hush is far more pronounced with what will come today.

Najib’s rap sheet, let’s review it. Continue reading “Will Rosmah Melt?”


This column first appeared on The Malay Mail Online on January 22, 2015. The link is here.


They stand together, but they say the same things?
They stand together, but they say the same things?

JANUARY 22 β€” The year is 22 days old and already the prime minister has changed the Budget β€” and a third of a million of Malaysians are trying to get back on their feet after they were forced to swim from their living room to the kitchen if they wanted to make tea.

Malaysia is β€” tragically perhaps in most cases β€” filled to the brim with endless possibilities.

And Pakatan politicians, old and new, have returned like gunslingers to score fresh points to chip away at the Barisan Nasional juggernaut. Continue reading

Bad moon rising (Version 1)

Happy New Year! My column is up at The Malay Mail Online, but it is a second version. The first one was politely turned away because of its content. I’m putting it up here. For the eight people who read my blog. πŸ™‚



A top view of Kuala Krai at the height of December 2014's flooding
A top view of Kuala Krai at the height of December 2014’s flooding

JAN 9 β€” My mom used to say that you should marry if you have trouble in life. I’d reply that the trouble would still be there, married or not. She’d say sure, but trouble will seem far more tolerable with the support of a loving wife.

I’m not sure Najib Razak β€” like me β€” is altogether on board with that wisdom right now. His advisers might even whisper to each other β€” while their jet plane taxies to the private hangar β€” that the prime minister probably would be better off not married in the present climate.

It’s been that kind of a week for him. Someone get him a Frappuccino, poor devil. Continue reading “Bad moon rising (Version 1)”