Bugger 7-Eleven

May 22 — Drink up mate, before 7-Eleven gets you! Diabolical as it may sound, the leading convenience store franchise has come out strong in support of using its employees to cut beer supply to Muslims in Selangor.
In what is as apparent effort to win brownie points with Pakatan Rakyat coalition member PAS, Mentri Besar risks raising the ire of the many who loathe to have government overreach. Continue reading “Bugger 7-Eleven”


The Big Get Together at the SUK, NGOs’ meet their MB

3pm on the 22nd floor of the Menteri Besar’s Suite in the Bangunan Sultan Abdul Aziz, in staid Shah Alam. The room was luminous with yellow aching from the wood paneling, designed someone surely raised in a french monastery without windows.

The setting was ominous to say the least. Continue reading “The Big Get Together at the SUK, NGOs’ meet their MB”