Hogs, values, niceties and other distractions

Homer Simpson with "spider-pig" from Simpsons the movie, courtesy of Fox

This was first seen at The Malaysian Insider, July 2 2009. I’m putting up my old copies up. Some of the information, ideas and thoughts may be dated in retrospect.

DEC 15 — No two persons would agree on most things, with some of those contentions separated by a values abyss. It would seem on the face of it that resolutions for those fundamental contentions would be improbable, if not impossible.

Relationships are never easy, but they are necessary. Continue reading “Hogs, values, niceties and other distractions”

The Alam that is not a bunch of flora

JUNE 16 — There was a blackout in Sepang today, and the main meeting room in the council building got all uncomfortable for a good hour without airconditioning.
Might as well, as the representatives from Alam Flora (AF and not to be mistaken for Akademi Fantasia) were already sweating it out, and a lack of ventilation would be a better excuse for themselves than just saying outright that they didn’t have the answers. Continue reading “The Alam that is not a bunch of flora”

Free the young

There is a youth camp in Serdang this month and 240 persons between the ages of 18 and 20 will gather for two nights to learn more about the township they are in – Sepang.

The progenitors of the programme, myself included, removed ourselves to the fringe once many other good people wanted to input their own think into the camp. I welcome it, however the statement by an external consultant caught me quite absurd, at the final planning meeting held two days ago. Continue reading “Free the young”