Sodomy maketh the world go round

At the rate we are going, we might become a reference point to relentless persecution of those suspected of sodomy ( there is a police reminder floating about asking bloggers not to unduly influence the ongoing investigations, so I am not going to mention names, eh) and flog them in public.

In a hotel lounge in Amsterdam- “Van Narrow stop pissing on de Bonk for his homosexuality. Someone might call you Malaysian.” Continue reading “Sodomy maketh the world go round”


Anwar lbw by Najib, according to umpire Badawi

If you think of it like cricket, someone is claiming a wicket from a wide and the umpire is obliging.

It would be difficult for Anwar Ibrahim with his amazingly full schedule and poor back to organise afternoon rapes of his special aide. I’m not buying it, but more importantly Malaysians are completely unimpressed. And where will this end? Continue reading “Anwar lbw by Najib, according to umpire Badawi”