ISA, our shield from terror – Najib jokes

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you, wisdom from our incoming prime minister.

“There is a very strong raison d’etre for the Internal Security Act. Just look at Mumbai and you realise that we cannot take security lightly.

“The main reason why there have been no serious acts of terrorism in this country is because we have in place the ISA.”

(speaking when on the Riz Khan Show on Al-Jazeera as reported by the New Straits Times- Dec 1 2008)

Najib Abdul Razak, the Blue Ocean Strategy driven Pekan MP and now finance minister – to top his deputy prime ministership, feels that the scourge threatening peace worldwide evades Malaysia, because we have the ISA. Continue reading “ISA, our shield from terror – Najib jokes”


PAS Youth do the crocodile rock!

I sat down and tried to work out if PAS youth were to have their own theme song, something uplifting and not from the Nasyid rack, what would it be…something upbeat. I wanted a western track because despite all the pontification and rants about the loss of moral virtue, they would like to form an outgoing and international look about them.

I quickly deleted Shakira’s ‘underneath your clothes‘, from the list despite it being about having a dream man and committing fidelity for that love. The whole ‘clothes bit’ with Shakira moving her half Lebanese assets on screen might offend them, since Ella with jeans already irritates them. Continue reading “PAS Youth do the crocodile rock!”