Our people on the street

“If there is an illegal assembly, who can tell what is going to happen?”

Deputy home minister Chor Chee Heung encapsulated everything perverse in this country with his killer defence on why it is ok to break-up peaceful assemblies and arrest people indiscriminately. Continue reading “Our people on the street”

Exodus in motion – migrant sweep on

Two weeks ago Utusan Malaysia stated coldly that anyone from the Indonesian islands had the same claim to Malaysia as constitutional Malays. This was in response to all the postulations by various quarters on the validity of claiming who were the original settlers of the peninsula.

So by extension, Syed Hamid Albar can be considered not new since his family is from Sumatra when his dad came over. Same goes for Khir Toyo’s Javanese migrant dad. They are all from the nusantara. Continue reading “Exodus in motion – migrant sweep on”

Coward Hamid

Is there any other way to describe the man?

The topic of discussion here is responsibility. The correctness or lack thereof in this situation I’ll ask the reader to suspend – as enough commentators are working justifiably through it.

The police do not employ the Internal Security Act (ISA) at their own discretion when it comes to political arrests – and the three arrests were political. Continue reading “Coward Hamid”