Welcome to Yoha

These are days of alleged purity.

Wise men in boring halls have decided that the best way to save the souls of people is to stop them from locking limbs in ungodly positions and trying breathing techniques. The spirituality of everyone will be lost.

Perhaps we are jumping the gun. Continue reading “Welcome to Yoha”

Yoga is someone’s maya

I’ve written enough about why the yoga fatwas is wrong, and that I have a right to make that admonishment – the privilege of being part of a nation-state.

I want to delve into why a traditional organisation like the fatwa council wants to put wedges into our singular community and to place limitations on civil liberties – which are quite substantial. Man is only limited by his obligation to the state.

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Rights debates are indivisible

There is a rights disconnect in Malaysia.

Much of the debate is mismatched – and the debate as usual is Islam.

On one corner there is the Islam first group. It is important to note that they are not all the Muslims in the country, just the percentage of Muslims who feel all things must generate and begin with the Islam question.

For example, for them to know God (let’s suspend our logical contentions for now) comes before knowing anything. Continue reading “Rights debates are indivisible”

Yogas and fatwas

What is yoga?

Since Muslims in Malaysia are now going to be barred from attending yoga classes – and since it is an exercise in futility examining the body passing the fatwa, we are left asking what is yoga.

The fun thing about the Indian sub-continent is diversity. There are clusters upon clusters of beliefs, activities and orientations. The only trick is that there are no limitations on what a person can perceive. Continue reading “Yogas and fatwas”