Guan Eng & Arul (Two Malaysian Kids Growing Up In The Heart Land)

The new finance minister, very different from the old one.

Lim Guan Eng could have held back the punches.

It was beneath the office to call Arul Kanda “utterly dishonest and untrustworthy”.

1MDB is under major scrutiny from multiple government agencies, mainly law enforcement, and therefore the minister of finance, could have oozed class.

[Still, better than the kiss-up statements from MOF before this general election]

Look, the man has served jail time, harassed by the government and perpetually prosecuted in court and life, so I am going to say, it’s a lot of restraint not to have gone ballistic when offered the opportunity. Continue reading “Guan Eng & Arul (Two Malaysian Kids Growing Up In The Heart Land)”


The Extent Of Power For Rulers

Battle of Lansdown Hill 5th July 1643, part of the English Civil War.

It is true, it is rife for robust debate.

Since independence, there has been an Agong. He is an appointment from the council of rulers, who’ve been around before then.

The brothers choose one among them to assume the position for five years, and rotate it.

As a constitutional monarchy, framed largely in the reflection of the British constitutional monarchy, our country has been handicapped by being a copy of the British structure, which is by large informal. Continue reading “The Extent Of Power For Rulers”

Umno Ditching Race For New Love?

Khairy, I guess you can’t be wrong when you have the official tags.

Later this year, if Khairy Jamaluddin wins the Umno presidency the party will — shock, horror & please be mortified — likely open its doors to non-Malays.

First, don’t laugh, and rebut for the party has been open to non-Malays for years. I still smile when I fondly remember its former president Najib Razak declare at one of their gloriously televised general assemblies that Malays include Turks and Pakistanis.

Every day, new parents in hospitals in Lahore exclaim, while holding up their new-born sons, “You can join the army rise to prominence or join the Pakistan Taliban for eminence in this and the next life, and if failing both, settle to become an Umno supreme council member.” Continue reading “Umno Ditching Race For New Love?”

Bad News Can Only Be Delayed

Putra Perdana, Putrajaya, where governing begins.

Some of us will be unhappy in the weeks and months to come.

GST ends this month, subsidies are enroute and the road toll burden is set to drop.

All new expenses for Malaysia. Without the GST revenue, there would be less in the coffers. Paying for subsidies would dip into the pot. So will paying off highway concessionaires.

Unless Malaysia has found several new oilfields, the money will have to come from somewhere. Unless we want to strain the national debt which is as explained by the present administration, alarming.

Standard Pakatan Harapan soundbites espouse the savings of cutting corruption and improved efficiency, which will make for the shortfall. Continue reading “Bad News Can Only Be Delayed”

Education Ministry Needs Progress, Not Just A Minister

Maszlee, has he walked into the lion’s den?

I find it curious many are upset that Maszlee Malik becomes education minister over his religiosity, and feel Mahathir Mohamad should hold the portfolio.

There are arguments on why Mahathir should not be education minister, there are arguments on why passing executive power to more inside Pakatan’s majority is good in developing a future base of competent leaders, and finally arguments for why Maszlee Malik should be or not the education minister.

I’ve posited the first one, and the second one is self-evident. The third one, on Maszlee himself, I’m obviously not leaning to him since I am an avowed secularist. Continue reading “Education Ministry Needs Progress, Not Just A Minister”

Pakatan’s Turn To Honour Borneo

Baru Bian. PKR Sarawak boss and Selangau MP, why has he not been named minister?

Thirteen persons swear-in on Monday to generate a Cabinet of fourteen.

It is a relief not to rely on just councils of elders, eminent, transparency, special skills and x-force — if applicable as the country moves forward — as they are lack democratic mandate.

Just as it was undignified that in the past so many offices were managed and run, in executive capacity, by those without democratic mandate, it would have been a travesty if the same continued.

But my critique of mandate is for another day.

It is my focus today to highlight that all of Cabinet is West Malaysian.

We have — for now — shut out two other members of the Malaysia Agreement. Continue reading “Pakatan’s Turn To Honour Borneo”

A new MB for Selangor?

Quick change in Selangor after election day? Seems like it.

With the swearing-ins fresh and the general public coming to terms with the new line-ups at the federal and state levels, there may be a shake up in Selangor.

With MB Azmin Ali named as economy minister, his shift to Putrajaya will likely see him vacate Shah Alam.

Azmin may be eager for the joys a national job can offer while being circumspect about losing the plum job of driving the richest state in Selangor. Continue reading “A new MB for Selangor?”