They laugh at us

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

JUNE 16 —  I don’t know Jalil Rasheed.

Does it matter?

I do know how politics operates in Malaysia.

Winner takes all.

Losers have to accept that losing is not desirable, and that they have to blame themselves for being in the losing corner.

Losing is a choice, not the outcome of a contest.

Contests are antithetical to Malaysia, or better to say, the winner decided for the rest of the country they are.

Malaysia’s a totalitarian state in denial. Democracy is an excuse for a different kind of totalitarianism.

But does it matter? Continue reading “They laugh at us”

Some Steps Forward for Regular People in a Time of Disease

MARCH 24 — I don’t want to feel like I’m just going around the tree. All that effort, and you end up where you started.

[Six days into the scheduled MCO (Movement Control Order) and it’s starting to bite.]

But really, what gets to you is that, the sense of uselessness filling the void. Sitting in the house, waiting for the worse to be over.

I’m sure by Day 9, my friends would give up on WhatsApp updates. What is one more update?

They begin to look cyclical. This is not to joke about the situation or the need to flatten the curve.

This is to say, humans can relate to horror, empathise and nevertheless become desensitised to calamity.

A bit like the end of action films. The hero has just blown up a whole warehouse of baddies, and walks out to the girl and kisses her. Making dinner plans. End credits. Continue reading “Some Steps Forward for Regular People in a Time of Disease”

Covid-19: The power of asking in time of crisis

MARCH 21 — Shouting only gets you that far.

You’d feel relieved to get it off the chest, but what’s the outcome?

The Malaysian masses can be divided to three groups, minus those providing essential services — from nurses to trash collectors — and remain in the frontlines, too busy doing to whisper their opinions.

The three groups then.

The willing. Those with a conceptual grasp of the situation and want to improve things. They falter, of course, but by large understand the task at hand. And their role, somewhat.

The unsure. They see many things around them telling them it’s dangerous, but they can’t put all of it together. They are as scared as anyone, but it can be overwhelming.

The stubborn. They don’t like to be told, and they react how they want. It can’t be out of spite or just a sense of anarchy in-built. Who knows? Do we need to know in a time of multiple crises? Continue reading “Covid-19: The power of asking in time of crisis”

Mahathir’s Resignation Brought The Pakatan Government Down (In Other Obvious News)

He looks like he needs a ride.

MARCH 11 — The two-time PM Mahathir Mohamad has resorted to pointing to others for his downfall, without looking at a mirror. That’s where the true villain of his piece resides.

He asked to leave. The government collapsed thereafter.

What about the shenanigans at the Pakatan Harapan Council meeting on Feb 21, and then the subterfuges over that weekend, which shocked him so much he resigned?

Was it ever possible for Pribumi Bersatu’s senior leadership and PKR’s alternative leadership to plan a transfer of majority from Pakatan — eject DAP, Anwar’s PKR and no one’s Amanah — to a new ultra-Malay bloc without Mahathir’s awareness of the sordid proceedings? Continue reading “Mahathir’s Resignation Brought The Pakatan Government Down (In Other Obvious News)”