Anger: Reacting, responding & replicating

Anger is useful.

It gets you to act. Anger has often led to social advancements for the aggrieved which facilitate social cohesion.

I welcome anger in docile societies, but I welcome it with conditions.

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Everything is operating exactly as Mahat

Everything is operating exactly as Mahathir intended it to and now he wants the support of the people with no end game articulated?

When Mahathir loses, as in not heard and his opinions forgotten, the only hurt is his pride. He can always holiday in exotic locations like Zimbabwe to meet old friends, but how about the rest who are asked to join the fight?

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“Accept the past with honesty, not repl

“Accept the past with honesty, not reply to it with revisionism. For example, a fictitious long-term ex-dictator who stripped all agencies of their power, reason and conscience, demanded blind loyalty from millions and played let’s experiment with mind control in a fictitious country, cannot turn around years later and blame the limp agencies, ridiculous passivity and low political intellectualism for his righteous indignation for not being able to remove the present fictitious dictator. It’s akin to rigging a game, retiring, returning to the mound and complaining about these impossible limitations.”

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“Migrant entry has to match what Malays

“Migrant entry has to match what Malaysia can accommodate and not based purely on market forces.

Which forces the question, are all the checks in place to ensure a proper process? At a cursory level, knowing that the minister is serious about allowing in a large number of foreigners at a time he acknowledges that the current number of undocumented foreigners is high — and has instructed the immigration department to register foreigners already working without documents so they can be counted — does cause concern.”

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“That would be the story — in varying d

“That would be the story — in varying degrees — of our own successful athletes.

There is no glory without the loneliness and sacrifice. So it may come across to them, that the ex-admiral and those who share his opinion are a tad bit disrespectful to those who put the country in the back pages of newspapers.

Most sports do not match the clothing requirements of several conservative faiths. Which is why the Saudi Arabian women’s football team will never qualify for the Women’s World Cup, because there is no Saudi women’s football team.

Malaysia made its peace with international sports a long time ago, unlike those seeking to score political points by pandering to the gallery of non-sporting hardliners who are inclined to pontificating moral supremacy.”

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Personal cost is immense, it even conjur

Personal cost is immense, it even conjures up comedy. And there is naked panic and desperation. The screaming and crying, there is no end to the pain. There is no end in sight. Poor devastated souls.

I’m talking about Malaysian politicians and their power-play over the floods— you have to read other columns and news reports to know about how the other 300,000 people displaced by rising waters are faring.

Apparently the politicians never got the memo. Every side — Barisan and Pakatan — has gone pear shaped in their response, which means one thing.

Somewhere out there in some meeting room consultants are rubbing their palms in glee.

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